Málaga 2 Hertha Berlin 3
Friendly at Marpafut, San Pedro, Weds 18th Jan 2006

Line up for first half:
Goita: Manu, Sanz, Torrejón, Duda: Anderson, Bovio, Rodríguez, López: Morales, Esteban

Line up for second half:
Goita: J Gámez, Litos, Alexis, Nacho: Gabriel, Gerardo, Hildago, Edgar: Salva, Couñago

Esteban was outstanding in the first half, often leaving his markers for dead, and scored the first goal after being put down the wing by Morales. The full back was wrongfooted, Esteban ran into the box and slotted into the far corner. His run down the wing and into the box set up Anderson for the second when he crossed low to the far post. Goita looked sound in goal with two good saves, but Málaga were the better side in the first half. The second half was very disappointing, a usual 'Málaga display' at the moment, with Hertha Berlin having far better of the last half hour, scoring three with ease to win. The only chance Málaga had was a Salva shot from a corner that was saved on the line. Worrying moment was a bad foul on Nacho that left him hobbling off the pitch.


Torrejón, Goita, Duda, Morales & Sanz

López, Morales & Manu

Sanz, Bovio & Anderson

Bovio & Tapia




Dust-up after Nacho crocked


Nacho's pants on fire



Warm down


Marpafut entrance

Marpafut entrance