La Rosaleda Stadium (The Rose Garden) is situated in the north of the city of Málaga, and is the home of Málaga CF. The 2 tiered bowl shape of the ground makes for some superb atmospheres.

Photos - Left column top to bottom: La Rosaleda pre 1982, La Rosaleda 1982-2001, Fondo End, Preferencia Stand, Gol End. Right column top to bottom: Preferencia Stand, Tribuna Stand, Gol End, the vociferous Hinchas, Fondo End looking from Gol End.

On the 21st June 1936, the first brick was laid for a new stadium on the site where La Rosaleda stands today. It took another 5 years for the stadium to be completed as the civil war delayed construction. The Malagueño team began training at the ground, (Martiricos as it was known then) in April 1941 and on 14th September of that year, CD Malacitano played their first match, beating Sevilla 3-2.

The stadium was given a facelift for the World Cup in 1982, which included many improvements such as extensions to the two main stands, construction of new stands behind the goals, and the addition of improved floodlighting.

In 2001 work began on the complete redevelopment of the stadium, and it was finished in Summer 2006 with the completion of the main Tribuna Stand, so Málaga now have a completely new stadium that holds 28,963 fans.